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Here you can check if a photo has GPS information attached. You can then see the GPS coordinate where the photo was taken on a map.

  1. Useful to: Verify that your photos you post on blogs and social media does not include GPS information. Verify if your phone or camera adds GPS tagging to your photos.
  2. The GPS information is stored in the Exif data of your photo file.
  3. Increase your privacy and well being.
  4. Avoid identity theft and other criminal activity.
  5. By using this site you agree to not find try to get information on other people. Our motto is don't be evil or a menace.


To get Map of Photo Location:

Photo from the web:

Or upload a photo from your computer or phone:


What feedback we have had from our users over the years:

I surf the web and when I see rich people show off their stuff I can quickly research where their vacation homes are. Figure out places I can stake out. You have helped me make a lot of money. Thank you so much.

Donny from the Bronx. Self Employed.

When I see some young lady posting blogs with pictures of herself. I can quickly find out where she lives so I can pretend we just bumped into each other and ask her to go out with me.

Dietrich Schulz, Germany

State of affairs:

Facebook / Instagram and Twitter actively removes GPS Exif info. So those images will not be possible to show any maps for. Newer tablets and phones have a better chance of producing photos with GPS info than older phones, compact cameras and dslr cameras. Photos from websites with "Save As" download options has a higher chance of keeping GPS Exif data than the often optimized image that is shown directly on a webpage.